Operating rules of the guesthouses

  1. The operating rules apply to the spaces decided for accommodation in the guesthouses. Outside of the guesthouses the guest is obligated to follow the operating rules of the camp, which is kept by the Company Vranovská pláž s.r.o., Mladoňovice 65, 675 32 Třebelovice.
  2. In the guesthouse can be accommodated only a citizen, who is duly registered in the reception of the guesthouse, presents an identity card and pays the charge for the accommodation.
  3. Cancellation fees:
    10% of the total amount, if the reservation is cancelled 60 - 31 days before arrival
    50% of the total amount, if the reservation is cancelled 30 - 3 days before arrival
    100% of the total amount, if the reservation is cancelled 2 and les days before arrival or the guest doesn’t arrive
  4. If the time of the arrival wasn’t arranged otherwise, the arrival time is between 14:00 and 18:00 o’clock. The guest has to leave the accommodation unit on the day of ending the stay till 8.30 o’clock (or according to special arrangement). If the guest doesn’t keep this term, the accommodation provider is authorized to charge the price for accommodation for next day.
  5. The guest has to pay for the accommodation in advance.
  6. The guest is authorized to use all the equipment of the accommodation unit and the services of the accommodation provider.
  7. In the accommodation unit isn’t allowed without an agreement of the accommodation provider to move the furniture and to change anything.
  8. By the takeover of the room the guest has to control the equipment of the room due to enclosed inventory listing. In case of finding out an absent thing the guest has to inform the reception no later than till 24 hours.
  9. Smoking in the room is forbidden.
  10. By the ending of the stay in the guesthouse the guest has to put the room in order and hand over the key of the room in the reception. The receptionist will take over the room and check the equipment of the room.
  11. The guest is required to give the municipal waste only into the designated containers in assigned areas. Other waste is not allowed to store anywhere throughout the campsite.
  12. In the period from 22:00 to 6:00 o’clock it is necessary to keep the night-time.
  13. For the damages caused to the property of the accommodation provider corresponds the guest according to generally binding regulations. In case of damage or destruction of the facilities of the accommodation provider a compensation according to the actual amount will be required from the guest, but at least 500,- CZK.
  14. For the safety reasons it isn’t allowed to leave the children without accompaniment of the adults in the areas of the accommodation provider.
  15. Dogs and other animals aren’t allowed in the areas of the accommodation provider and in the whole campsite.
  16. The accommodation provider is responsible for the money, personal documents and other valuable things only if they were given him to safekeeping. He isn’t responsible for the things, which are freely lying somewhere else.
  17. Every visitor has to get to know the operating rules and has to follow them. By the paying the accommodation the guest declares, that he was acquainted with the operating rules.
  18. The operating rules of the guesthouses are binding for everyone, who is staying in the guesthouses areas. Every person, who will damage the operating rules of the guesthouses or the camp, will be ordered out of the Vranov beach area and of the guesthouse without compensation.
  19. In case of early finishing the stay of the guest the accommodation provider pays back the charge only on the grounds of medical report.
  20. Changes related to the ordered bed capacity /reduction, increase/ should be reported within 30 days before the onset of the client to the accommodation, otherwise they may not be due to occupancy accepted.
  21. By arrival it may be required a refundable deposit of CZK 500 for any damage caused during your stay. If a damages caused, this deposit is billed as the minimum compensation for the damages. After finishing the stay and handing over the accommodation unit free from defects, the deposit will be refunded.