Business events

The guesthouses Gaudeo are situated in the unique locality of Vranov reservoir, where you can take advantage of water, forests, ruins, biking and hiking trails, rope park, tennis court, wellness and much more for your activities. On the other hand our guesthouses offer you the comfort of modern equipped training rooms.

Training rooms

There are available modern equipped training rooms with a total capacity of 120 people. They can be used for training, conference or annual meeting, as well as for wedding or birthday celebration.

Disposal of the lounges

The disposal of the lounges can be changed according to the arrangement: theatre, school, table „U“, table „I“ and table „II“ (see the chart below).


Advantages of private and business events:

  • unique location in the hearth of the nature
  • modern training facilities
  • 2 lounges with a total capacity of 120 persons
  • comfortable service of the restaurant GAUDEO
  • comfortable accommodation in the guesthouses GAUDEO
  • infinite number of teambuilding activities

Accompanying program

The guesthouses are situated in the immediate nearness of the Vranov dam, in sight of the national park Podyjí and last but not least in the heart of South Moravian not far from the royal city of Znojmo.

The surroundings of the guesthouses offer an infinite number of teambuilding and outdoor activities, starting from cycling through water sports, fishing, wine tourism, mushrooming to visit historical sights. Among the most important rank certainly the Vranov castle, the ruins Cornštejn, the castle Bítov or the township Hardegg in close Austria.

Lots of interesting places you can find also in the National park Podyjí, which is still only one South Moravian national park and at the same time it presents the smallest national park in the Czech Republic. The valley of the river Dyje has a canyon character and Dyje creates lots of meanders lined with rocks and stones. The already famous National Park Podyjí was in 2000 followed by announcement of the National Park Thayatal on the Austrian side of the border. Alone the river with the beautiful view over the canyon is a popular destination for hikers and cyclists.

Finally it should be noted the known fact, that South Moravia is tightly connected with growing grapes and producing wine. It would be a sin to visit South Moravia and not to taste the delicious wines of local winemakers, not to visit at least one vineyard or not to experience the atmosphere of the wine cellar. If you visit us, we will be glad to help you choose the right wine, recommend you the wine cellars or prepare the entire wine program.

Samples of Accompanying programs and activities:

  • a trip with a sailing boat
  • a ride with a wheel-train to the Vranov castle
  • dragon boat races
  • excursion to the body of the dam associated with the visit of hydropower
  • abseiling from a bridge, a bridge swing, rope park
  • wine degustation on the board of a cruise ship
  • paintball, quad bikes, electric rowboat and much more


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